Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Harvest Festival 2012


F E S T I V A L 



Our Harvest Festival took place on sunny Saturday 29th September 2012. It was a beautiful day and bought many wonderful people together. Volunteers, Staff at Deen City Farm, other local organisations  and local people. We had many jolly things going on throughout the day including live music in the garden, hook the duck in the pond, The marvellous magical mobile wishing well as part of the animal flower parade, de-stressing with a head massage, hoop the gnome and more. 

In this blog I am sharing a few pictures from the day, but i have realised it is just impossible to actually translate the wonderful atmosphere that was their on the day. 

Many thanks to all who made the day what it was.

Our Stall

Food to be given to Manna Day Centre, a local homeless charity.

Music all day in the garden. The children enjoyed taking part as well with various percussion.

Hoop the gnome 

Tea Tent 

The animal flower parade

Beautiful necklace 

The marvellous magical mobile wishing well

The mad hatters

Our stall.

Hoop the gnome stall run by Andrew and Andrew.

Design your own eco bag

The R.S.P.B

Volunteers enjoying a moment in the garden.

Bag tree

Face painting, stalls and be a vegetable.

Wishing well on the move.

Ben and the ukulele singing moooooo baaaaaaa moooo baaaaaaa quack quack, or at least it was something similar to that! The farm song. 

A mad hatter

The raffle stall

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