Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Bird Identification Workshop


Over the weekend we had our Bird Identification Workshop. Here are just a few pictures taken throughout the day....

all together
The day started off in the classroom...
Talk in the classroom
Different feet
Whos who?
Can you identify all of these garden birds?

After our talk about garden birds and how to identify them through sight and sound, we now had to go and put some of the newly learnt knowledge into practice on a walk down to 
Morden Hall Park.


Morden Hall Park

Apparently, putting your hands behind your ears like this 
helps you to hear the birds. 
Thank you to Michelle for demonstrating this beautifully to us!

Wheres the bird? 

Can you spot and identify the birds in the next two photographs?

 Wood pigeon in the garden.

many thanks to all who attended and special thanks to Bill and Cathy for sharing all their wonderful knowledge with us. If you would like some further information on garden birds or Morden Hall Park, please click on the links below. 


London Wetland Centre

Morden Hall Park

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