Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Big Draw 2011

Day 1

These are just a few photos from the first day of the Big Draw down at the farm. We allocated one paving slab to each child, who were then free to draw what they wanted with chalk. Many were inspired by the animals and flowers at the farm. The space ended up being incredibly colourful by the end of the day and even ended up running out of slabs.   

Day 2

Today was the day of good old potatoes and printing.

Day 3

The ladies

Today was chicken drawing day. We had two chickens, a silver spangled hamburg and a silky. They were both very good chickens and struck a pose for the children to draw them. I think you will agree that some wonderful drawings were produced today.    

Last very scarey day

A Huge thank you to all the children and adults who came down to support the
Big Draw 2011

Friday, 21 October 2011

Farmers Market

On Tuesday we were invited to our first farmers market, organised by the children at Poplar Primary School, Morden. What a lovely market it was.

The children had arranged each stall beautifully. With brilliant posters designed by the children at each stall. The honey stall poster was my favorite!

The Bread stall looks very wholesome.

The cake stall was full of a wonderful array of cakes.

Our stall

Forget-me-nots and eggs. Unfortunatley our chickens only laid just over a dozen eggs in 2 weeks, i guess winter is finally here.

Henretta the hen who came to visit the children with us.