Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Bamboo Two

Today in the garden the Bamboo Two have been doing a wonderful job of thinning out the bamboo in the garden. It looks super. wonderful job. Thank you so much guys!

Andrew has also been doing a wonderful job of being Park Ranger. Below; Andrew is emptying one of the many hundreds of barrows of garden waste onto the compost bin. Cheers Andrew.

Later on in the day......

(you can just about see the moon!)

You can just make out Mark and Alex who have just put our new colourful ribbon bunting up.

Cheers to the volunteers in today for such a lovely and productive day in the garden.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Bye Bye Van

This post is in memory of our Deen City Farm Van.

It has been with us now for many years, always there for us to carry our chickens on school incubator schemes, collect hundreds of bricks and other donated items, take us to shows, help Linda move her furniture....the list could continue. Unfortunately due to the TFL emmisions restrictions coming into play in January we are no longer able to use it. It is being taken away today to be crushed :( This is very sad and is affecting many other charities and organisations who just can’t afford to buy a new van.

So this is a fond farewell to our trusted friend 'the van'

Thank you for being their for us


Do you have any ideas of how to help us?
If anyone can help us with a new van which is compliant with the new emissions restrictions feel free to contact us on
020 8543 5300.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Double Headed Vegetable

This is a photo of the pumkin we found in the garden today......isnt it great!? I wish it was around when we needed to enter an 'unusual vegetable' into the Capel Manor Horticultural Show : )

It really feels like Autumn in the garden today. We have found these mushrooms, I dont know what type they are. Anyone know?

These are the beautiful nasturtum that are still going strong in the garden. They are my favorite plant. they are cheap, easy to grow. grow in masses, you can eat their flowers and leaves and i just love the shape of their leaves (like little satelite dishes) and the colour of the flowers. as you can tell im a bit of an enthusiast! 

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Tom and Edna

 Tom and Edna

Tom works at the farm as senior Lands and livestock assistant and Edner is his brand NEW Barn owl. I just wanted to share with everyone this exciting new happening at the farm. 

Edna is a Common Barn Owl. Barn Owls in the wild will hunt rodents and small birds and here at the farm she is fed day old chicks and mice (not the farm chicks, her is purchased elsewhere!). Her food is often swallowed whole and indigestible parts are then regurgitated in the form of a pellet. You may hear Edna make a variety of shrieks, hisses and snoring sounds, but she wont hoot (that's the Tawny Owl). The sizes of barn owls differ. On an average, they are between 12.6'' to 15.7'' tall, have a wingspan of 39.4'' to 49.2'' and may weigh between 14.1 to 24.7 oz. When seen in flight, it gives the impression of a large white bird.

Edna was born on the 25th July 2011. She had a few brothers and sisters. When Edna was about 2 weeks old she became dehydrated and unwell. She took a visit to the vets and they kept her in for a while and gave her some medicine which made her healthy again. Unfortunately, having been taken away to visit the vet, when she returned her mother didn’t recognise her and no longer looked after her. Edna was then hand reared by the vets sister until she was old enough to be re-homed.  Tom adopted her at 8 weeks old and she now spends her days at the farm.  Having been hand reared she is very friendly and loves human contact.

You can come and visit Tom and Edna and get a chance to see her being fed, being flight trained, stroke Edna and a chance to ask Tom any questions about her. Times and dates for owl handling will be posted on our website at .