Thursday, 17 November 2011

Bye Bye Van

This post is in memory of our Deen City Farm Van.

It has been with us now for many years, always there for us to carry our chickens on school incubator schemes, collect hundreds of bricks and other donated items, take us to shows, help Linda move her furniture....the list could continue. Unfortunately due to the TFL emmisions restrictions coming into play in January we are no longer able to use it. It is being taken away today to be crushed :( This is very sad and is affecting many other charities and organisations who just can’t afford to buy a new van.

So this is a fond farewell to our trusted friend 'the van'

Thank you for being their for us


Do you have any ideas of how to help us?
If anyone can help us with a new van which is compliant with the new emissions restrictions feel free to contact us on
020 8543 5300.

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