Thursday, 15 March 2012

Our first day down the allotment.......

The challenge

What a beautiful day it was yesterday to have our first visit to our new space on the Phipps Bridge Allotment site, working with Sustainable Merton. The allotment is just a short walk from the farm around the river could be even shorter if we got a boat across!! Below you can see a picture of the plot as we first found it. A little bit of work to do....

Meet the force of wonderful volunteers who came over to help make a dent with the digging.

Rose finding worms.....a very important job!

We found lots of and lots and lots and lots of rubbish.
But we also found TREASURE!......look......

To bring us good luck....this will hang in pride of place over the door of our shed, when we get it.

Old but new to us

These are just a few fine examples of our treasures. Many were red. oh.. and gold of course.

The rest of the allotment with our line of treasure

Our plot, the bigger panoramic picture.

Other plots...

I like this tree of watering cans 

After a busy day digging this was our progress. Very good i think. Not quite ready for the vegetables yet, but its not going to be long. I cant wait. 

Time to walk back now. We will be back.  

We will be back

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