Tuesday, 6 March 2012

History of the Garden Project 1

The Growing Gardens Project started in 2001 on a disused part of the farm. These two photos show the site after it had been strimmed and cut back of nettles and brambles. In the photo below there used to be a huge pond.

Back in those days we used to have our ducks freely roaming around the farm, they frequently visited the garden. With so much digging going on they would come and grab the worms from the soil as soon as they popped up.  

Many adults, staff and children came to the space to help create the garden.

You can just about see the old manager Ben propped up beside his spade in this photo. I think he looks tired but pleased in this photo!

Derek the peacock used to also visit while hard everyone was at work.

The garden was officially opened after many months of hard work by June Whitfield (of abfab fame!).

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