Monday, 8 July 2013

Gone mint bananas

I love mint.

Its smells amazing, tastes amazing and is a welcome friend in our garden. Last week we put in a new bed of mints. There are many different types of mints and we have tried to cram in as many as we can, here is a long list for you.....  

mint mint

Apple Mint

Berries and cream mint

Chocolate peppermint

Swiss Mint

Tangerine Mint

Ginger Mint

Grapefruit Mint

Basil Mint

Banana Mint

Lime Mint

Lavender Mint

Orange Mint

All our mint...

...and their are still many more mints to go!

About mint...

Originally taken as a medicinal herb to treat stomach ache and chest pains, it is to this day the most called upon herb for soothing a great deal of ailments from indigestion to heartburn and the common cold to bad breath. That's not all; mint can also provide a cooling sensation to the skin helping to treat minor burns and skin irritations due to its anti-inflammatory properties and it can ease and unblock the breathing and respiratory passages as well as relieve headaches; cup of mint tea anyone?

Why not make your own mint...

If you would like to know how to take cuttings from mint click this link How to grow mint from cuttings

or you can...

Pick a small bunch of mint, wash it and pop it in a good favourite mug, pop the kettle on, pour the hot water over the leaves an leave to infuse. Add a little sugar if you like, simple...enjoy!  

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