Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Open Gardens Wonderful Weekend

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came down over the weekend to visit us for the Open Garden Square Weekend. It was such a lovely day and we were very happy to see so many people supporting the project. The poppies were out to welcome people, we had oodles of cake, lots of duck hooking and even the sheep, ferrets, edna the owl and a bunny came to visit us in the garden!

aaahhhhh what a great day we had!

A special thank you to those who bought us cakes for the cake stall, they were all very yummy and well received! And to those who manned a stall for us and bought down an animal to see us! (cheers Tom)

Here are a few (quite a few, i got a little carried away!)photos from the day.......

Many thanks Lu & Flo
See you next year!

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