Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Sowing a seed - step by step

We are making our own seed pots this week in the
garden and sowing a seed
This is how we do it....
1. We get our seed pot maker 

2. and our newspaper cut to size
(just a bit bigger than than the maker) 

3. I noticed the lovely sunny pattern on the wall in our cob building. ( you dont need one of these, but it was nice!)
4. Roll all the newspaper around the maker top....right to the end.
5.... so it looks like this then fold the excess paper into the bottom of the maker
6. Then push the bottom of the maker into the base, so it compresses the paper down nicely and ends up looking like this...
7. Now all you need to do is grab some compost and pop some in your pot to the top.
8. Then just make a hole in the compost and pop in your
favorite seed.
9. You can then label it up pop it in a warm sunny place.......
10. and give it a bit of water now - and when it looks like it needs it (compost looking dry).

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