Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Welcome Back

Its the first day back for many volunteers in the garden, after a well deserved break for Christmas. What a wonderfully sunny day to start back on. The day was full of sweeping paths, trimming bamboo, clearing the pond, pruning Andrews rose, dividing and re-planting our strawberries, sowing our sweet peas and taking cuttings.


  1. Getting back to the garden job is like getting back to your loved one. It's heartwarming to know that many have volunteered to help this garden. Where are the pictures of the activities you did there? I wish you can show them, especially the pictures of your re-planting.

    Jamie Keifer

    1. Cheers for your comment. Good idea! i can certainly do a blog on all the garden this space!

  2. That’s very revitalizing to hear! I mean, given that the year has just started, our bodies probably still have the post-holiday syndrome. Nobody likes to move. Much more do dirty work, right? How about for this 2013, do you still have re-planting to do? ;] -->Jeremy Beauregard